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Sunday, 1 September 2013

21st Century Parenting – Are your kids getting enough screen-time?

 Published in the Express Tribune on 1st September 2013

Wired parenting is an entirely new ballgame – savvy parents need to re-access their attitude to screen time. Unlike time spent in front of the TV, computer time may be crucial to your child’s development.

This video of a car crashing into our lounge was knocked together by my 10 year old

The Google generation of school kids needs a radically different set of skills. While you or I might remember trawling through encyclopedias or library books to complete school projects, generation X, Y and beyond, of course, seek answers online. Even ignoring the issue of inappropriate sites that pop up for innocent key words, they soon realize not all websites are equally reliable. Search engine optimisation techniques used by commercial sites mean that the top sites resulting from a search may be sites looking to sell you something or earn dollars from clicks. They may be sites pushing a particular agenda and may not be impartial. Students have to learn at a much earlier age to question sources, look for corroborative data and sift through misinformation. In our internet-dependent age, these may be some of the most important skills they learn in school.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Sana Safinaz are officially Pakistan's most sought after designers according to Google adwords.

SanaSafinaz — Pakistan’s Google superstars

Published in the Express Tribune on 17th June 2013

 It’s official. SanaSafinaz are the most sought after Pakistani fashion designers in the world! According to the Google Adwords tool, “Sana Safinaz” is searched for on Google more times a month than any other Pakistani designer label. The actual numbers are quite staggering. 49,500 searches are made globally every month for the term SanaSafinaz. No other designer even comes close. Umar Sayeed and Nomi Ansari get 10,000 searches apiece while Sania Maskatiya gets merely 4,400 searches a month.

When contacted, Safinaz Muneer of SanaSafinaz said, “This is simply amazing. We feel incredibly blessed and humbled. We are just two women designing clothes we love and it is marvelous to get this sort of recognition.”

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Multi-brand designer store Labels leads the way in a changing retail market for Pakistani clothes while the Style360Labels estore goes from strength to strength.

Published in the Express Tribune on 9th June 2013

Labels CEO Zahir Rahimtoola talks change and revolution at the multi-brand store.

Fashionable outfits available at Labels estore

Major changes are afoot at Labels, the pioneer of fashion retailing in Pakistan. Along with Ensemble and Pakistan Fashion Design Council (PFDC), Labels is still one of the premier multi-brand retailers in the country. 
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