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Saturday, 29 November 2014

Johnny Rockets Karachi turns 1

Johnny Rockets Karachi
Johnny Rockets Karachi
I can't believe that Johnny Rockets in Karachi has turned 1 and I've only just gotten round to checking it out. They held a bloggers meet recently and I finally tried their burgers and shakes.

What's On in Karachi - 27th - 3rd December 2014

karachista guide to karachi
What's On in Karachi 27th-3rd Dec 2014

What's on in Karachi this week. Whether you're looking for Movies, Live Entertainment, Art or Shopping Exhibitions, scroll down for the best of what Karachi has to offer this week.

Highlights include the fun-packed Creative Karachi Festival, Risham Syed's art Exhibition and the launch of Outhouse jewellery in Pakistan.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Creative Karachi Festival - this weekend at Alliance Française de Karachi

Art, Music, Food in Karachi
Fun for the whole family

The Second Floor (T2F) is one of the most vibrant artistic forums in the city, encouraging performance art, creative writing and a host of other arts. They have arranged a fabulous festival this weekend at the Alliance Francaise de Karachi in collaboration with the Karachi Accueil Society.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Madiha Raza’s stunning “Flight of Birds” collection steals the show at Maybelline New York Millennial Fashion 2014

Madiha Raza's Flight of Birds collection was the highlight of the evening

Fashion Pakistan Council’s showcase for new talent was a low-key yet beautifully professional event. Held at the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Maybelline New York Millennial Fashion 2014 had all the trappings of fashion week in miniature. A select crowd of established designers, fashion media and trade representatives watched shows by five upcoming designers.

Is your makeup ageing you? Take years off your face with age-appropriate makeup techniques!

One of the most common style mistakes that many women make is sticking to the same makeup routine year in and year out. They’ll keep bang up to date with fashion trends but will still do their makeup the same way they’ve always done. Keeping up with makeup trends, taking advantage of advances in science and subtly altering your makeup style to counter the effects of ageing can keep you looking fabulous no matter what your age.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Fashion Pakistan Week gets ready to Party #FPWAW14

Sana Safinaz, Deepak Perwani, Adnan Pardesy, Shehla Chatoor sneak peeks
A taste of what Fashion Pakistan Week A/W 2014 has in store
Fashion Pakistan Week  (FPW) is just a day away and some of the best designers in Pakistan are getting ready to show their winter collections. In terms of fashion, winter in Pakistan is about two things: weddings and parties. PLBW covered the bridal angle last month and now FPW is set to show you how to party in style.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Splurge Vs Steal - Karachi Shopping Tips

Shamaeel Ansari's Metropolis collection vs Shamraf's casual wear
 Splurge on this gorgeous Shamaeel Ansari Metropolis collection kurta at Rs7800 or get the look from Shamrafs for Rs3,380. The Shamaeel Ansari kurta has lovely embroidery and nifty detailing whereas the Shamraf's kurta has no embroidery at all but both have a vibrant, bohemian chic.

The Newbie's Guide to Fashion Week! #FPWAW14

By Manaal Khalid

So I’m going to my first fashion week this month! After hours and hours of uploading pictures and features, I finally get to immerse myself in the fashionista world of Karachi. For those of you who hope to be in my shoes one day, here’s a quick glimpse into Fashion Week and how to make the most of it.

devil wears prada

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What's On in Karachi - 20th - 26th November 2014

Karachista's Guide to Karachi
What's on in Karachi - 20th - 26th Nov 2014
What's on in Karachi this week. Whether you're looking for Movies, Live Entertainment, Art or Shopping Exhibitions, scroll down for the best of what Karachi has to offer this week.

Highlights include Qawwali Night, the Creative Karachi Festival arranged by T2F and the movie sequel in the Hunger Games series hitting cinemas this weekend! Also, The Second International Conference on Karachi 2014 offers an unparalleled opportunity for discourse on our city.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nickie Nina at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

Nickie Nina PLBW 2014
Nickie Nina PLBW 2014
Nickie Nina's PLBW 2014 collection included some outstanding outfits. Their Rumi to Raj collection was inspired by Queens and Princesses of the Mughal era. Featuring velvet stoles, net saris and sheer jackets the collection was in tune with the seasons hottest trends.

Nomi Ansari at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

Nomi Ansari PLBW 2014
Nomi Ansari PLBW 2014
Nomi Ansari's Gul collection was one of the highlights of PFDC L'Oreal Bridal Week 2014. His colourful yet sophisticate palette, his range of silhouettes and the masterful mix of trendy and traditional all made for a spectacular show.

Abel Emmanuel to show Scarlet Night at the Fashion Pakistan’s Millennial Fashion Show

Abel Emmanuel's upcoming Scarlet Night Collection - prints, swatches and sketches
Fashion Pakistan Council’s Maybelline New York Millennial Fashion Show is all set to showcase some exciting new Pakistani designers this weekend. Fashion Pakistan Council has arranged sponsorship for the event from Maybelline New York, which should help give a truly professional platform to these budding designers.

Shamaeel Ansari at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

Shamaeel Ansari's collection "The Wedding" from PLBW 2104
Shamaeel Ansari's PFDC L'Oreal Bridal Week 2014 collection was regal, opulent yet chic. The rich brocades and velvets were intricately embroidered and layered. The collection included both lighter outfits suitable for dholkis and ornate ensembles for more formal events. As usual, Ansari's styling was spot on. The elaborate floral headpieces added the right amount of drama for the ramp but it was little touches like the way shawls were knotted around models' necks that fashion lovers will be copying.

Ammara Khan at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

Ammara Khan PLBW 2014 bridal collection
Ammara Khan showcases her bridal collection at PLBW 2014
Ammara Khan in one of Lahore's darlings. She's hugely popular with Lahore's elite and her muse is Iqra Mansha. Her debut collection at PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week was undoubtedly very pretty. She used modern silhouettes and her embroidery is lovely but there also several pieces that didn't work. These were perhaps the outfits that needed to make a stronger ramp statement to take the collection to the next level from a fashion perspective. There was plenty to love and many outfits that are worth ordering but Ammara Khan needs to up her game for her next ramp sortie.

Ali Xeeshan's Bridal Collection at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

'Baghawat' by Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio at PLBW 2014
'Baghawat' by Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio at PLBW 2014

Ali Xeeshan's Baghawat collection was typical Ali Xeeshan - high on drama and heavy on lenghas. He showed some beautiful pieces but the collection lacked cohesion and variety of silhouette.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Karachi Shopping: This week's Star Buy

This week's Star Buy is an elegant winter outfit from Unbeatable. Dress it up with a colourful chaddar or keep it simple with black cigarette pants and a sleek hairdo.

Perfect for those winter dinners

Fahad Hussayn at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

From the incredible intricacy of his embroidery to the silhouettes he showed, Fahad Hussayn shone at PFDC L'Oreal Fashion Week. He is probably one of the most under-rated designers we have today.  Once you move beyond his love of gothic styling, you realise that Hussayn is a master craftsman.

bridal collection fashion show fahad hussayn
'Putlighar' by Fahad Hussayn at PLBW 2014

Sunday, 16 November 2014

10 things that will happen when you move to Karachi

Karachi – messy, slightly dangerous and hot as hell – it’s a place that will infuriate you and seduce you. This is as cosmopolitan as Pakistan gets – you’ll meet all sorts in Karachi. Fast-paced and just a bit insane, it’s a city that will get under your skin.

Karachi-ites have a high opinion of themselves
Whether you move to Karachi from abroad or from elsewhere in Pakistan, Karachi will change you – not always for the better. 

Asifa & Nabeel at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

Asifa & Nabeel's PFDC L'Oreal Bridal Collection comprised pretty shaadi-wear in a palette that ranged from off-white through old gold to soft mint and coral. While there was nothing groundbreaking about their Meena Maniratna collection, it included plenty of attractive wedding outfits. A solid, commercially smart range from the duo.
mehreen syed asifa & nabeel bridal collection
'Meena-Maniratna' by Asifa & Nabeel at PLBW 2014

Sania Maskatiya at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

Sania maskatiya bridal showcase fashion week 2014
'Ara-Ornaments' by Sania Maskatiya at PLBW 2014
Sania Maskatiya's PFDC Ara-Ornaments collection was perfectly pitched. She dialled back her experimentalism on the bridalwear ramp and showed more of the sort of pieces that make her one of Karachi’s go-to designers for shaadi wear.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Splurge vs Steal - Karachista's shopping tips

With hemlines going up, the focus has shifted onto pants and embroidered trousers are a great way to make a statement.

Nida Azwer Arabesque collection 2014   Price: Rs8,000
Unbeatable    Rs3,500

Splurge on these gorgeous Nida Azwer trousers from her Arabesque collection from Fashion Pakistan Week 6 or grab a similar pair from Unbeatable for a similar look at a fraction of the price.

Nida Azwer FPW 2014

Saira Shakira Bridal Collection at PLBW 2014 - Pakistan Fashion Week

Saira Shakira Bridal Collection PLBW 2014
Saira Shakira showcase their Bridal Collection at PLBW 2014

Saira Shakira "Midsummer Night's Dream" collection was brave and experimental. Anyone who's ever been to their studio knows that Saira Shakira are more than capable of churning out beautiful formal wear. What they chose to put on the ramp, however, was challengingly avant-garde. They played with shirt collars, capes and asymmetry.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

What's On in Karachi -14th - 20th November 2014

Guide to Karachi by Karachista
What's on in Karachi - 14th- 20th Nov 2014
There's lots on in Karachi this week and Karachista has the lowdown on it all. Whether you're looking for Movies, Live Entertainment, Art or Shopping Exhibitions, scroll down for the best of what Karachi has to offer this week.

KARMA Red Bridal Showcase PLBW 2014- Pakistan Fashion Week

Pink Red Pakistani Bridal dresses Karma
Karma Red's 'The Lotus Raj Collection' at PLBW 2014
Karma's Lotus Raj collection was inspired by heritage and tradition. Maheen Kardarali spoke of "he torrential thunderous monsoons, the melancholy nargis, the velvety heady gulab, the sweet rainy frangipani and the fragrant pure motiya ...the classic tea trolley, your mother’s earmarked copy of The Far Pavilions.."

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

HSY PLBW Bridal Collection 2014- Pakistan Bridal Fashion Week

Bridal Showcase HSY
HSY Finale PLBW 2014
 HSY's PFDC L'Oreal Bridal Week collection, Divine Decadence, was divided into two parts. The first was an edgy symphony in black and silver. This section was HSY at his best - creative, eye-catching and fashion forward. The second half of the collection featured floor-sweeping A-line silhouettes in red, gold and black. This segment was dramatic but lacked the flair and finesse that HSY is capable of.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Zari Faisal showcases her new line of accessories at a Popup store at Ensemble One, Dolmen Mall

Zari Faisal Pakistani designer pop up store at Ensemble One
Zari Faisal at her Popup Store this Saturday
Zari Faisal showcased her new collection of accessories at a popup shop in Ensemble One, Dolmen Mall this Saturday.

Karachi shopping: This week's Star Buy

So we love spotting great buys here on Karachista and today we're launching a new feature: "Star Buy". Each week we'll be featuring outfits we love that are currently in store. This week we have two great options - a gorgeous chikan and lace kurta from Farah Talib Aziz's Eid collection and a velvet formal embroidered shirt from Chinyere's Winter 2014 range.

A stunning lace and chikan confection by Farah Talib Aziz

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fashion Pakistan Week Autumn/Winter 2014 (#FPWAW14) & Millennial Fashion Show

Despite the absence of the Lahore contingent, the list of participants at FPW is stellar
It’s Fashion Week time again! Fashion Pakistan Council, has announced the schedule for ‘Fashion Pakistan Week - Autumn Winter 2014’. As the only A/W Pret Fashion Week in the country, FPW’s Autumn edition is always especially interesting.  The lineup this year includes a great selection of Karachi’s top designers but only one from Lahore - Faraz Mannan. It’s a shame that more of Lahore’s top designers don’t see the need to show in Karachi - particularly when Karachi’s best designers are regulars at fashion weeks in Lahore.

Friday, 7 November 2014

What’s On in Karachi – 7th – 13th November 2014

There's lots on in Karachi this week and Karachista has the lowdown on it all. Whether you're looking for Movies, Live Entertainment, Art or Shopping Exhibitions, scroll down for the best of what Karachi has to offer this week.

Highlights include fringe live performances at T2F, Akshay Kumar's new movie The Shaukeens and a HipHop Festival at Port Grand.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Nida Azwer's Bridal Showcase at PLBW 2014

Nida Azwer Mehreen Syed
Nida Azwer's "The Ghalib Collection" at PLBW 2014

Nida Azwer’s Ghalib Collection is quintessential Nida – intricate, understated, elegant and feminine.

The collection includes the classic sihouettes that she does so well – the angharkas, the peshwazes and the saris – as well as the jumpsuit and jacket combo that Nida was one of the first to introduce.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Eat Fit - Healthy Eating Options Around Karachi

Pure Health Cafe - Healthy eating in Karachi
Pure health cafe in Karachi offers a flavoursome, nutritious menu that won't pile on the pounds
Eating out doesn’t have to be a calorie-laden minefield. Restaurants all over town offer a wealth of delicious, nutritious choices that won’t hurt your waistline. There are plenty of outlets that appreciate that healthy eating isn’t just about calorie-counting – their menus include good fats, organic ingredients, high fibre elements and fresh natural wholefoods.

Zara Shahjahan PLBW Bridal Folk Tale 2014

Mehreen Syed Bridal
Zara Shahjahans' Bridal Collection PLBW 2014

Zara Shahjahan’s “A Folk Tale” collection had a distinctly Northern Pakistan feel with wide-legged shalwars and pretty worked waistcoats. Other key features included short shirts, cigarette pants and ghararas. Shahjahan used net and velvet to great effect, along with Jamawar accents.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Essie's signature manicure pedicure at Mint Beauty Solutions - salon review

Essie Nail colours

Essie Spa Manicure Pedicure
Essie's luxury signature Manicure Pedicure is now available in Pakistan
Obsessed by Essie’s gorgeous nail colours? Essie has just upped the ante by launching their signature manicure and pedicure in Pakistan. The state-of-the-art manicure/pedicure is based on their unique hydra-resurfacing system, which is a combination of exfoliation and moisturisation.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

The best desi food in Karachi - where to find the most mouth-watering Pakistani cuisine in the city

Seekh Kebab, Gola Ganda, Chicken Tikka, Nihari and Live BBQ in Karachi
                                          Karachi's cuisine is some of the best in the world                      Photos: Iman Mufti
The best desi food in Karachi? The choice is endless. We have some of the best barbeque in the world – sizzling, spicy and tender. Your taste buds are in for a treat whether you choose seekh kebabs, malai boti, behari kebab, kheeri or chicken tikka. Perfect with fresh parathas or piping hot naan straight from the tandoor. Moving away from BBQ, is there anything like a perfectly balanced Karahi or Biryani? Or you can go for fiery, glutinous Nihari generously sprinkled with ginger, coriander and chillis. Finish up with halwa poori, shahi tukra or kulfi falooda and you have a meal fit for a rajah.
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