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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Fashion as Art – Pakistani Fashion Designers Umbereen & Sharmeen take fashion to new heights of artistry

Detailed hand embroidery from Umbereen Sharmeen
Does fashion qualify as art? It does when sisters Umbreen and Sharmeen are doing the designing. While it’s arguable that a beautifully cut dress or a creative ramp presentation is art, Umbereen and Sharmeen are different because they treat design as fine art. For them, their designs are expressions of a message they want to convey and a way of depicting emotions and opinions. When designer Umbereen describes herself as an artist rather than a designer, it’s tempting to take this as another example of the pretentiousness of the fashion world. Then Umbereen brings out her designs and it’s clear that this is not fashion as we know it.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Shehla Chatoor launches exclusive jewellery line

Shehla Chatoor Jewellery Exhibtion
One of Shehla's lovely pendants
Uber-chic designer Shehla Chatoor recently launched her jewellery line, a collection of striking statement pieces that work equally well with both Eastern and Western outfits. With ethnic motifs and gold accents, the bold pendants and eye-catching earrings are stunningly elegant.
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