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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Farid's Superstore, the new supermarket and department store in Clifton Karachi, stocks everything from luxury brands to everyday groceries.

Newly opened Farid's is well-stocked and well-priced
Farid’s Superstore at Ocean Mall in Clifton is causing a buzz around town. With 45,000 feet of retail space, Farid’s is more than just a grocery store. The ground floor includes grocery, pharmacy, beauty, electronics and tableware departments. 
The grocery section itself includes a branch of Rahat Bakery from Lahore and a Deli, which is run by Café Aylanto. There is an extensive books section run by Liberty Books, as well as a large film and music department by Laraib Music. The upper floor, which is not accessible directly from the mall, houses the homewares department, luggage, gym equipment, camping and hunting equipment, and a lingerie section.

And yet, plenty of retail space is no guarantee of success. The short-lived D-Mart had the space to include a deli counter, a meat counter and more, alongside an extensive grocery section. However, it was poorly laid out and never quite managed to get its mix of stock quite right. This, and an over-reliance on own-brand products quickly lost it customers. Housewives don’t want to go to a store where they won’t find the top-selling local brand of washing-up liquid.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The post-Ramadan wellness boost - a lifestyle makeover for those who didn't fast healthily in Ramazan

Published in the Express Tribune on August 18, 2013

KARACHI:  So the healthy Ramazan regime went out the window when you smelled your first pakora. On Eid, the sheer luxury of being able to eat, whatever the time of day, took its toll. Cakes and mithai, sheer korma and samosas filled in the gaps between massive festive lunches and dinners. 

You’d never normally dream of eating karai chicken, nihari, kunna and biryani at the same time but on Eid, anything goes. You tell yourself you deserve a few days of indulgence after a month of fasting, but you know in your heart that every iftari brought its own excesses.
It may have been masked by pre-Eid salon sessions, but chances are the cycle of fasting and feasting has taken a toll on your skin, hair and general well-being, even if you’ve faithfully been popping vitamins. Luckily, a few simple steps can boost your vitality and get your lifestyle onto a healthier track.

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